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The year 1955, the setting, a diminutive room in the backyards of Kolkata chandney area, and the event - the genesis of an automotive company manufacturing sheet metal press components.

The resources were humble. But its founding member Haji M.S.M. BaazulAshaab had a wealth of zing, entrepreneurial skill and determination, the most imperative of all - an innate flamboyance for anticipating the future.
Maraica has in it all the contemporary manufacturing facilities. In addition to the facilities, it had scripted for itself yet another dimension by adopting methodological manufacturing techniques such as Just in Time (JIT), Single Flow System, KANBAN, Poka Yoke etc.
Maraica Industries has a world-class, state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver high quality, high volume, custom-built products.
Our specialization includes the following areas -
Automotive Electrical

» Parts of alternators/dynamos/horns/starters

Automotive Luminaries

» Parts of head lamps
» Reflectors
» Shades

Plastic Mouldings

» Plastic mould components

Automotive Mechanical
» Wiper system assemblies
» Engine moounting/anti vibration components
Commercial Luminaries

» Consumer luminaries, such as
» table lamp fittings
» patties (tube lights) fittings
» bio-medical lamps (infra-red lamps fittings)
» eco-lights fittings
» Accents lights
» focus lamps fittings
» spot lamps fittings
» showcase lamps fittings
» Architectural lighting fittings
» building lamp fittings
» focus lamp fittings
» lamps for banners/hoardings/fittings
» Fancy lights
» economic/eco-friendly lamp fittings
» pl/cfc lamp fittings

Maraica Industries has the necessary infrastructure to carry out the following processes -
» Sheet Metal Pressing
» Metal Forming
» Spinning
» Plastic Moulding
» Powder Coating
» Electroplating
» Anodizing
» Tool Design and Manufacture
» Sand Blasting
» Painting