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Our Vision
» With continued service to our customers, we wish to become pioneers in the trade

» To become a one stop source to cater to the incessant needs of our customers

» Never be complacent with its achievements. The company is pressing ahead to achieve its ambition of attaining the position as one among the world's top companies
Our Moto
» To localize all products - (eg) we have started producing Ballasts in-house for M/S Philips India Ltd.

» To Integrate Facilities – Machineries, surface coating plants, Calibration facilities etc.

» To reduce transportation time

» To reduce Information time

All this and much more to satisfy our esteemed customers at the delivery point.
Maraica has in it all the contemporary manufacturing facilities. In addition to the facilities, it had scripted for itself yet another dimension by adopting methodological manufacturing techniques such as Just in Time (JIT), Single Flow System, KANBAN, Poka Yoke etc.
The year 1955, the setting, a diminutive room in the backyards of Kolkata chandney area, and the event - the genesis of an automotive company manufacturing sheet metal press components.

The resources were humble. But its founding member Haji M.S.M. BaazulAshaab had a wealth of zing, entrepreneurial skill and determination, the most imperative of all - an innate flamboyance for anticipating the future.

No wonder then, in five decades, his successors have been able to commandeer the company to stand as a premier organization in the press components industry - With its state of the art manufacturing units in Chennai and Kolkata, its commitment and credibility reflected in the internationally acclaimed ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance certificate.

Now on, the press components are otherwise called “MARAICA”. Make Miracles

1969 - the year that scripts the start of our setup at Chennai. The unit boasts of 25,000 sq feet of built area and 90,000 sq feet expansion area with the state of the art technology in contemporary production processes and Tool Design Engineering. Maraica Industries is now a one stop shop for all our customer’s needs right from fabrication to surface finish.

The company had endeavored itself in setting up its roots in almost every field of automotive engineering from Metal Pressing, Plastic Molding, Powder Coating, Surface Plating and ask what not?

Today Maraica Industries caters to the needs of Automotive Electrical, Automotive Luminary, Automotive Accessory and Domestic Luminaryto almost every OEM in India.

The company's alliance with the lighting giant M/S Philips India as its co-maker for the past five decades would say what Maraica has in store for its customers.

» 1955
    Started With Fly Presses with 400 Sq. Ft at Kolkata
» 1958
Business with Philips India Ltd. Started with
    a Small Washer
» 1965
Started in-house Tooling Facilities and injection
    molding unit
» 1971
    Started a new Unit in Chennai with 1000 Sq. Ft
    for Metal Press Components
» 1972 -
    Started business with Lucas TVS and produced
    Components for Automobile Sectors
» 1983 -
    Inauguration and starting of production at the New
    Factory at Palavakkam, Chennai
» 1997 -
    Approval from Philips India as their Co-Makers to
    start Luminaries Division at Chennai
» 1998 -
    The Inauguration of New Luminaries Division at
    Chennai was on May 17th 2000 by Mr. V.K. Divadkar
    VP & BG Head Luminaries.
» 1999 -
    The Construction of Luminaries Unit Completed at the
    end of the year. K/33 Ballast Samples Sent for Approval
» 2000 -
    The Development and production of TMC 501/136 and
    TMC 501/236 Putties started on January 2000 and in    June 2000 the production of K/33 Ballast and
   development of new Putties TMC 300 - Elanza, PLS    Elanza, TMC 18/120 were started.
» 2000 -
    Our Wiper Unit was inaugurated By Shri C.K.R. Murugan
    for Manufacturing Indica wiping system.
» 2001 -
    Manufacturing of FIAT – PALIO Wiping System
    Was Started
» 2002 - ISO 9001-2000 accreditation

Mr. M.B.A. Jamal Mohamed
Chairman and Managing Director (Group)

Mr. M. S. Maraica
Vice-Chairman and Joint Managing Director

Mr. M.B.A. Ahmed Naina

Mr. M.B.A. Mohamed Saleem

Maraica Industries has scaled copious obstacles and trounced the odds to earn recognition for the technology and quality of its components. What has made all the difference is the people of Maraica Industries - their style, spirit and skill to turn out a dream into reality. In just over five decades, Maraica Industrieshas grown into one of the prestigious companies in its trade.

Maraica Industries has a task force of over 750 strong shoulders that hold the responsibility to attain the complete customer satisfaction through quality, cost, delivery and service.

The key to the secret of its success lies with the master mind that drives the Maraica wagon - Mr. M.B.A. Jamal Mohamed, a man proficiently and technically qualified and experienced - who for about 50 years has been guiding the company to script its achievements. He remains its chairman and CEO.